I Can’t Recall

75 pages, paperback, 6" x 9"

The story of the Wisconsin Uprising and the unprecedented public mobilization against Governor Scott Walker's austerity junta, as told to Duffco.
A fully indexed history of the Recall Walker movement explained with political sight gags, ridicule, and some mirth. A record of the laughs, the tears, the unforgettable solidarity of our unsuccessful fight to remove the weasel Walker.




Michael Duffy is a Madison artist and long-time observer of American politics, practicing in the samisdat style, producing underground posters and against-the-grain visual commentary on political matters. He is keeping an eye on Governor Walker and expects him to ascend to the highest office in the land. Like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush before him, two hugely underestimated morons, Walker possesses a lethal combination of homespun jibberish, inert cluelessness, and instinctive malevolence.

Duffco is a wholly owned subsidiary of Beatrice Foods.

C O N T A C T   M I C H A E L  D U F F Y